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tables outside in summer
Restaurant description: This greek restaurant has sunny tables outside in the summer. It is in an old wooden house in the centre of Stavanger, approached by lovely narrow stone cobbled streets, without the noise or fumes from cars

in the car-free heart of town
Location description: Situated in the centre of Stavanger's main shopping and restaurant areas, beside the kulturhuset - which is where the library and cinema can be found.

Directions: From the main entrance of the kulturhuset, walk beside the building to the right. Akropolis is 50 metres on the right side, next to the Irishman pub.

Credit Cards accepted:
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Akropolis Restaurant

price range: mid-range

Food style: other European

address: Solvberggata 14, 4006 , Stavanger

location: STAVANGER
distance Town centre: 0
phone: 51 89 14 54  fax: 51 89 14 54

location map

Opening times:11.00 to 24.00 every day, except Sunday, from 13:00
. Lunch After


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