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Norsk versjon

Bars pubs cafes and clubs in the mountains of Agder and Rogaland (West)

including Sirdal, Setesdal (Byglandsfjord and Hovden), and Sauda, in the counties (or fylker) of Rogaland, Vest Agder and Aust Agder.

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If you disagree with any of our bar pub cafe or club descriptions or information given then please let us know - we believe that all our reviews are honest and fair.

Note that from 1 June 2004 smoking is no longer allowed inside restaurants, cafes bars and clubs in Norway - but now the smokers have a great social life meeting new people outside!

We found 1 bars pubs cafes and clubs.

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Wine licence?
Spirits licence?
(nearest town)

Pub at Klover Hotel Sauda Klover Hotel bar - PUB Bar 80
Wine licence
Spirits licence
(Sauda Ryfylke)

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