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British bonfire night - Guy Fawkes

Every year on the Saturday closest to the 5th of November, the British International School Stavanger (BISS) hosts a bonfire and fireworks display at Vaulen, beside the fjord in south Stavanger.
Popular with many hundreds of spectators, this is not just a British event: - many other expatriates and Norwegians come along to join in the fun.

bonfire, moon and boys with sparklers
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fireworks The British tradition of having a bonfire and fireworks on 5th November stems from the "Gunpowder Plot" to blow up King James the First of England and his parliament in 1605.
The religious strife that caused this 400 years ago is long forgotten, but poor Guy Fawkes - who was one of the main conspirators and a soldier with explosives expertise - is still burnt in effigy on bonfires across Britain  - and beyond - each November 5th.
Is this because we are still outraged at the attempt to blow up parliament? - or just because it is a great event for young and old.

When : Saturday 6 November 2010
Where : Vaulen, south Stavanger
Website :

Distance from Stavanger: 6 km

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fireworks seen across the water
Kids Verdict:
Very popular. Hot dogs, sparklers, glow-in-the-dark necklaces, playing in the dark and fireworks too - heaven.

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