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Festivals and events in September

There are a surprising number of festivals and events going on at various times of the year - some are musical, some celebrate food, or sport, or life around boats.
Most are at least partly interesting to children, and most celebrate the rich cultural life in the area.

We found 4 festivals and other special events

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Kapittel Literature festival Stavanger Kapittel 10 Literature festival STAVANGER
(central Stavanger)
0 km September
annual literature festival in Stavanger

Norsk Frukt og Laksefest Fruit and Salmon festival Ryfylke
40 km September
annual festival in Hjelmeland Ryfylke

Bergen Matfestivalen Bergen Food Festival BERGEN
(central Bergen)
170 km September
traditional norwegian food festival

Sirdalsdagane in Sirdal Sirdalsdagane Agder-Rogaland 110 km September
Sheep roundup party in upper Sirdal

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