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Sirdalsdagane - sheep gathering party in Sirdal

Around 50 000 sheep spend the summer in upper Sirdal, and early September is when they are gathered up and trucked off to their winter quarters - or to market.
This brings together lots of people from Sirdal and beyond, to work hard, to meet friends and to party in the evenings - or just to visit and watch the spectacle (taking care not to get in the way, of course).

sheepdog in charge
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this road for sheep only, today This is not a tourist festival - it is hard work and long days for farmers and people with dogs. If you drive through upper Sirdal and the Suleskar road during early September, expect delays and road closures, especially in the afternoon and evening.
The first sheep arrive in Kvæven on the Friday evening, and the party begins, with music, song and fun.

As with many of these regional festivals, the Saturday is the busiest - nothing on Sunday this year. Nearly 6000 people on Saturday.

When : Friday 7 - Sunday 8 September 2012
Where : Kvæven in upper Sirdal
Website : (norsk)

If you want to visit the celebrations in Kvaeven on the Saturday, it is by the tourist information and Sirdal Fjellmuseum, but please use the shuttle bus - with parking at either the Ålsheia or Fidgeland ski centres.

Distance from Stavanger: 110 km

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Sirdalsdagane is held in Kvaeven at the information centre
men (and women) with their dogs
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