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Stavanger 2008 European Capital of Culture

In 2008 the Stavanger region of Norway - including Sandnes and the rest of Rogaland - is the (non-EU) European Capital of Culture. Liverpool England is the (EU) European Capital of Culture.
The expression "Open Port" has been adopted for the events - symbolising the openness of the region to new ideas, and of the Stavanger region being a gateway to the rest of the world.

the parade at the opening ceremony
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Stavanger Kulturhuset - and one of the iron men of Broken Column There were 702 registered suggestions (including our own) for projects in 2008, of which about 72 were accepted.
The celebrations kick off on 11-12 January 2008, with parades, displays and fireworks across the region.
When: January 2008 - December 2008
Where: Stavanger, Sandnes and the whole county of Rogaland, Norway
Timetable of highlighted events:
11-12 Jan: opening ceremony in Stavanger and around the region, with big parades, displays and fireworks. Review page here. "Watercolours" in Sandnes also switched on.
19 Jan - 31 Jul: "Landet Innenfor" - The Land Within - 5m cube exhibit you explore through
8 - 28 February: residence by Musiektheater Transparant, from Belgium
6 - 8 March: Mot Himlaleite in Sauda - song, dance, music and ski acrobatics
5 - 13 March: Passion plays, and medieval players in Stavanger complete with jugglers, jousting knights and fire-eaters.
19 - 26 August: Eventyr i landskap (Fairytales in Landscape) - open-air theatre at Lundsneset on Hundvåg

Helicopter sightseeing from Stavanger
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It is Stavanger's cathedral - and will be a venue for events in 2008
If you expect Tall Ships you'll be left feeling sheepish - not here, but Bergen for them! Projects during the year:
Watercolours - light displays in and around Sandnes.
Landet Innenfor - 5 metre cube sculpture exhibit
Musikkteater Transparant - unusual operatic performance
Mot Himlaleite - ski show in Sauda.
Passion 08 - passion plays before Easter
Eventyr i landskap - open-air theatre in August
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Stavanger Concert hall, in Bjergsted park - will be a venue in 2008
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