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Sirdal Fjellheiser opens new ski lift - Ålsheia and Tjørhomfjellet combined from today

27 January 2008
Today was a BIG day for Sirdal, with the opening of the new ski lift and connecting slopes that make it possible to ski all over Aalsheia skisenter AND Tjørhomfjellet (Sirdal Alpint)
The two ski centres have merged their operations under the new name of Sirdal Fjellheiser and now everyone can use the whole resort with one skipass, and ski from Ålsheia to Tjørhomfjellet and back again.

Please contact us if you have questions or comments.

the new lift and runs connecting Aalsheia and Tjorhomfjellet ski centres The first picture is taken from the blue run down from the chair-lift on the Tjørhomfjellet side, and the lowest green line shows the new slope down to the new lift and transfer to Aalsheia.

The short red line pointing to the right is the new lift opened today. From the top of this lift you can either ski down and into the "Ålsheia" area, with 2 lifts available, or turn right and down a new slope to the bottom of the chairlift (it took 1000 kg of dynamite to prepare that slope).

The long red line to the right is the "Nyestøl" lift. From here you can take a slope back down beside the lift (not shown), or take the big hill right down to the bottom of the Ålsheia resort (not shown). You can now also take a new slope along the ridge and down the new slope to the Tjørhomfjellet chairlift

The long red line on the left is the new lift put in last season at Ålsheia, which has 2 good slopes back down on either side (one partly shown). There is now an extra slope running down to the new connector lift, which then gets you to the Tjørhomfjellet chairlift

The Huldreheimen part of Sirdal Fjellheiser is a great place to learn to ski With a 4-seat express chairlift, 2 T-bar drag-lifts, 6 button (tallerken) drag-lifts, 1 rope-tow and 1 conveyer belt for beginners, Sirdal Fjellheiser is now a major ski resort in south Norway - and Sunday was a good day for it, with many people from Sirdal, the Stavanger region and beyond making the most of great snow, blue skies and new facilities

The second picture shows the Huldreheimen family skiing area, on the Tjørhomfjellet side. There is a beginners slope with rope tow, ideal for learning to ski. There is also a sledging area, picnic areas, and a drag lift that has a green run back down to the left, or turn right for the chairlift and the top of the mountain.
There is also a ski hire shop here, with hot and cold drinks and snacks. The main cafe is called Isslottet and is by the bottom of the chairlift. Tjørhomfjellet is situated about 1 km before the RV 45 road from Stavanger and Sandnes reaches Sirdal.

The Ålsheia side has car parking, ski hire and large cafe, plus floodlit evening skiing 3 times a week. Ålsheia is situated close to Sinnes in Sirdal.

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