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Cruise Ship season 2007 begins

30 April 2007
Yesterday evening we had a visit from "Van Gogh" and today vaagen (the main harbour) was filled by "Navigator of the Seas" - one of the world's biggest cruise ships - and all with cloudless blue skies, so summer must be here.

Things to do when you get here? Gamle Stavanger and the Hermetikk (sardine canning) museum are beside the usual mooring, Other museums are close by, including the Oil museum, you can stroll around the cobbled streets of the shopping areas, follow the Blue Promenade or walk around Breivatnet. You can also take the Lysefjord boat trip, or various coach tours to experience the countryside and places like Gloppedalsura moraine.

You can find more sightseeing options here.
Please contact us if you have questions or comments.

Navigator of the Seas in Stavanger We watched Van Gogh arriving on Sunday evening from our fantastic viewing point on top of Dalsnuten - a hill where you can see all the Stavanger region including Sandnes, the airport, islands in the north sea and snow on the mountains behind us.

Monday morning and Royal Caribbean International's Navigator of the Seas had arrived - one of the biggest cruise ships in the world, at 311 metres long, 39 metres beam, 15 decks and 138,000 tons.

Big, but not the biggest to visit us this summer! Cunard's Queen Mary 2 will be here on 23 June (the day after the first visit of Queen Elizabeth 2) and it is the world's biggest ocean liner, at 345 metres long, 41 metres beam, 17 decks (72 metres high from the keel) and 148,000 tons.

If you like to argue about such things, then the world's biggest cruise ship is Freedom of the Seas - another "voyager" class sister ship to Navigator of the Seas, at 339 metres long, 39 metres beam (at water level) 15 decks (63 metres high) but weighing in at 154,000 tons (it beats Queen Mary 2 because of the bigger displacement weight). Not that it matters really - there is a 43% bigger sister expected in late 2009!
The difference between a cruise ship and an ocean liner? Speed! Queen Mary 2 is built to cross oceans in great comfort at 30 knots, whereas purely cruise ships have a maximum speed of around 22 knots.

The last cruise ship this year is expected on 24 September. In between we will have lots of other visitors. You can see the full list on the Stavanger Harbour authority's website.
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