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Description: Frukt og Grønt is THE specialist fruit and vegetable shop on the northern side of Stavanger, with a very big and growing selection of fresh fruit, vegetables, salads, dried fruits, oils, olives, cooking sauces, pasta, rice and many other items in their delicatessen section. There are even frozen fruit berries. A fantastic selection (much better than normal shops) and very good quality. If you don’t see what you’re looking for then ask – if they don’t have it they may be able to get it for you.

smoked garlic!
Location description: Frukt og Grønt (Fruit and Vegetables) is situated in Tasta, close to the E39, on the north side of Stavanger - just north of Byhaugtunnel on the E 39

Directions for getting there: follow the E39 north out of town, through the tunnel, then right at the roundabout, into Tasta. Straight over the next roundabout. It is on the left about 50 metres after the roundabout

Frukt og Gront

address: Randabergveien 98, 4027 , Stavanger

location: STAVANGER
distance Town centre: 4 km

location map
Opening times:10-18 weekdays, 10-16 Saturday


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