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Canoe trips
Description: Sauda Ferie & Fritid run a wide range of guided trips and activities, depending on the season and your interests. Try canoeing, cycling, hiking, fishing or a nature safari in the summer; skiing, snow-shoeing in the winter, hunting in the autumn. Book in advance for these trips, with guides and usually with special equipment included

Fishing for trout
Location description: The activities take place all over the Sauda region, but usually begin at the Sauda Ferie tourist information office in central Sauda

Directions for getting there: If arriving on the FV 520 road from the south, turn right at the first roundabout and then left near the water. Continue along the road - the tourist information office is in the end of the second long building

Sauda Guided Activities

address: RĂ„dhusgata 1, 4201, Sauda

location: Ryfylke
distance Town centre:

location map
Opening times:Book in advance for these trips


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