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Aadneram to Duge bike ride on a private road

The lovely thing about this trip is that the road is blocked by a barrier at the start, and the few cars that do use the road (to hyttes and hydro-electric power stations) seem to be very considerate to children on bikes.
This means you can enjoy a cycle ride and this beautiful norwegian mountain area without worrying about other road traffic all the time.

climbing one of the hills
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the river Besides cycling - or hiking - there are berries to be picked, picnic spots, trees to be climbed, lakes and rivers and mountains to be admired, and fishing too, if you get a licence. Most of the road is very easy going, with one or two steeper sections - but its downhill nearly all the way back!

Map reference:

By car:
From the E39, take RV45 to Sinnes and Sirdal. Turn left in Sinnes towards Suleskard. The Duge road is on the right just after the Suleskard road, as you approach Aadneram.
a few parking places just before the boom

Distance from Stavanger: 120 km

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safe and easy going for children
on the top Travel time from Stavanger:
2 hours by car
Duration of the visit:
as long as you make it - half a day, full day.
parking for a few cars
Kids verdict:
A nice bike ride and places to stop and play
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