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Hommersåk guest harbour

Hommersåk is a quiet town 55 km from Stavanger by car, but only 9 kilometers by boat, with commuters using a regular service for foot passengers. There is a Bistro and shops, boats to look at, a park 300 meters away and Lifjell waiting to be climbed not far away.

shops and Bistro with tables outside in summer
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popular with small boat owners If you are not far away then this is a good place to stop, wander around, let children run off energy, and get icecream or something more. People suddenly appear - then go - when the boat comes in.
If you came by boat then the park (Kvern) is only 300 metres up the road with playground, lake, fountain and walk. By car Lifjell is close by and under 3 km each way to walk.
Map reference:
Kartblad 1212I Hole, 188 364
By car:
Drive south from Stavanger on the E39 to Sandnes, then east and north on the RV13 and FV516 to Hommersak
Beside the harbour
By bus
Local bus 21 from Sandnes
By boat
Local boat for foot passengers from Stavanger
Distance from Stavanger: 55 km by road

Helicopter flightseeing
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the local marina
the boat to Stavanger Travel time from Stavanger:
50 minutes by car
Duration of the visit:
half an hour
Carpark, shops, bistro
Kids verdict:
where is my icecream?
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