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For a brief moment in 1940 this small quiet fjord was host to the controversial Altmark incident in the complex chess game of world power. It was the first action of the second world war in Norway. Today it is quiet again, apart from titanium ore mining.

view out towards the sea
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Altmark incident memorial In February 1940 the German tanker Altmark was moving down the coast of Norway, pursued by the British Royal Navy.  Onboard were British prisoners from ships sunk by the cruiser Graf Spee in the south Atlantic.  Neutral Norway was criticised by the British for not checking the Altmark more thoroughly.  On 16 February British marines raided the ship in Jossingfjord, releasing the prisoners and killing some crew from the Altmark.  Norway was then criticised by  the Germans for not preventing the British attack.  Two months later Germany occupied Norway.  The rights and wrongs and motives and strategies of all this has been debated ever since.
The memorial stone is beside the fjord; the information site is high up on the road. Down at the head of the fjord is an hydro-electric power station and a couple of old, disused houses to look round.
Map reference:
Rogaland Fylkeskart (scale:1: 200 000) 445 675
By car:
Drive south from Stavanger on the E39 to Heskestad. Turn right onto 501 and then onto RV44 to Hauge and Ana Sira. The road runs high up beside Jossingfjord.
High up on RV44 beside memorial information site and
Down in the fjord by the houses
Distance from Stavanger: 120 km
Distance from Hauge i Dalene: 8 km

Helicopter flightseeing
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houses under overhanging cliffs
peep inside the hydro-electric station Travel time from Stavanger:
2 hours by car
Duration of the visit:
20 minutes or longer
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