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Utsikten near Kvinesdal

A spectacular view down over Fedafjord and out to Listafjord from high up on the old road that was the E39 just south of Kvinesdal.
There were major road works from 2005 - 2007 and now the E39 crosses the fjord on a new bridge and goes into a tunnel half way up the cliffs on the south side of the fjord. This shortens the journey time, is a better road, but misses out this great view.

great view - and major geographic obstacle
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out towards the sea From Kvinesdal the E39 used to make a big loop around the head of Fedafjord and climbed steeply up to a sharp bend to the left. The viewing point is right at the top on the bend.
Just across the road from here is Utsikten Golf and konferensehotell which is being rebuilt (2007)

Map reference:
Cappelens kart, Sor Norge-sor (scale:1: 325 000) 124 CE
By car:
Drive along the old E39 road, just south of Kvinesdal

At the viewing point
Distance from Stavanger: 145 km
Distance from Flekkefjord: 25 km

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the road and river below
peaceful farms Travel time from Stavanger:
2.5 hours
Duration of the visit:
Few minutes
Kids verdict:

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