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Activities, Attractions and trips out in Mountains in Hordaland (NorthWest)

including Voss, Hardangerfjord, Hardangervidda, Stalheim and the approaches to Flam in the county (or fylke) of Hordaland.
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Flam Flam - railway meets Sognefjord Hordaland
(46 km east of Voss on E 16)
350 km up to half a day railway - boat interchange

Hardangervidda drive Hardangervidda drive Hardanger
(Eidfjord to Geilo)
300 km up to half a day along RV 7 from Eidfjord to Haugastol

Sorfjord drive Sorfjord drive Hardanger
200 km up to a full day glaciers and apple orchards in Hardanger

E134 road over Haukeli E 134 road over Haukelifjell Telemark
(Roldal to Haukeligrend)
210 km up to half a day drive over a mountain pass

ski forever - and no lift queue Kite skiing at Haugastol Hardangervidda Buskerud
(35 km West of Geilo)
300 km up to a full day kite skiing on the frozen Hardangervidda

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