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Flaggruten fast boat ends after 53 years

2 January 2014

Sad news but not unexpected - the fast boat service between Bergen and Stavanger ended on 30 December 2013.
There are still fast boats between Stavanger and Haugesund, and other boats between Bergen and Stord, but no boats all the way.

From now on you either need to take a plane between the two cities or go on the bus - Kystbussen - service.

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Flaggruten fast boat

Norled ends the loss-making service

It was decided in September 2013 that the service would have to end. The service had been losing money for some time. The good news is that apparently no jobs have been lost

Loss of unique coastal culture

Possibly no jobs have been lost s a result of this service closing, but it is another sign of the end of west Norway's unique coastal culture.

I have travelled many times on this service and it seems inconceivable that it is gone forever - like so many other ferry and fast boat services on the west coast.

One of the 'magic' moments each day was in Leirvik on Stord, around lunchtime - the south-bound boat from Bergen arrived at the same time as the north-bound boat from Stavanger, with lots of people coming to meet people arriving, drop off people leaving, or just to see the mild chaos - mainly caused by people not used to the routine - not sure which boat to get on. No more - how sad.

Extend Hurtigruten south to Stavanger!

We have long thought that it would be a great idea to extend hurtigruten south from Bergen. Here is a link to our news article in 2005.

Let us hope that the people preventing this from happening wake up before it is too late and ALL the boat services are gone

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