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Expanded Stavanger area restaurant guide from Stavanger Travel

7 August 2006
Our restaurant guide is becoming very popular, and we have now expanded it, with 30 restaurants included so far.
If your favourite restaurant is missing, ask us to include it - people will be missing out.
Please contact us if you have questions or comments.

relaxing in central Stavanger We are getting a lot of visitors to our Stavanger restaurants guide and now we're adding more restaurants and more details, to help people decide where they're going to eat.

Stavanger and Sandnes have a lot of really good restaurants - most visitors are surprised by how many there are - with most styles of food included.

This is partly thanks to Stavanger being the oil capital of Europe. You probably won't see any rigs or oil pipelines here, but the offices that do the planning are here - and the people working here like to get out and relax sometimes.

If you run a restaurant and want to be included, or if your restaurant is near the bottom of the list then contact us - the places at the top with full information are getting a lot of interest!

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