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The climate

This region is in the south-west part of Norway and has a cool temperate climate, but there can be great variation in the weather at any time of year, and within the region.

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Coastal areas

The coastal areas usually enjoy pleasant summers and rarely experience snow in the winter


Inland there can also be lovely summers, but starting a little later - some roads can still be blocked with snow until well into May, and there are glaciers in the north of the region. It is typically at least 5 degrees C cooler in the mountains than on the coast during the winter.


Don't assume anything: July can be anything from 14 to 30'C; Easter could mean a snow blizzard or sun-bathing on the snow; it could be dry for two weeks or rain much of the time. We have lovely beaches here, but you probably came here for the scenery and culture rather than to soak up the sun. As they say, it is never the wrong weather but sometimes you can be wearing the wrong clothes!

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