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Figgjo to Ålgård Railway Bikes

For something different, ride along the old railway 3 km each way, from Figgjo to Ålgård, on a special bike trolley called a Dresin. Remember to wave the red flag and honk your horn at road crossings!

use your car seat for the passenger inside the box
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pedalling down the line! You do need two strong adults for this to turn the bikes around at the end.

Kids may be more comfortable sitting in their own car seats in the box but this is not essential. They can easily kneel or sit, but remember the boxes may be a little wet - best to wear waterproof trousers.

Map reference:
Kartblad 1212IV Stavanger 153 207 to 173 188
By car:
Drive south from Stavanger on E39 and take exit at Figgio (just before Ålgård) signposted to Figgjo pottery factory shop. Continue up the road to the old Figgjo railway station.

At Figgio railway station
By bus:

Local bus from Stavanger Sentrum to Sandnes. Second bus to Figgjo and Algard.
Distance from Stavanger: 25 km

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a Dresin without box
Figgjo station Travel time from Stavanger:
30 minutes by car
80 minutes by bus
Duration of the visit:
1 hour
Toilets, snacks and small railway museum at the Figgjo railway station
Shops and toilets in Ålgård
Kids verdict:
Great fun! Especially honking the horns and waving!
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