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Haraldshaugen monument to the "founder of Norway" in Haugesund

Haraldshaugen was raised in 1872, to commemorate the event 1000 years earlier, at Hafrsfjord near Stavanger, when Harald Haarfagre (Fairhair) won a battle that set in train the unificaton of Norway. Krosshaug is the much older 3 mter high stone cross at the same site, possibly raised to commemorate the death in England of Harald Fairhair's son, Erik Bloodaxe in 945 (no doubt he died quietly while on holiday). The cross broke in the winter of 1846 and is now held together with iron braces.

Haraldshaugen momument, with 29 smaller stones around it
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each smaller stone represents an old county - this one Ryfylke Haraldshaugen is in the northern suburbs of Haugesund, raised in 1872 during the nationalist fervour leading to Norwegian independence in 1905. The 29 smaller stones around the main obylisk represent the old counties of Norway.
Krosshaugen is much older however, a monument to Harald's son.
Haugesund is a good place to stay with a good choice of hotels, an excellent pedestrian shopping area in the centre, and the island of Karmoy to the south has many attractions, including viking, and other museums
Map reference:
880 940
Rogaland County map(scale 1:200 000)
By car:Take the RV47 road north out of Haugesund, and turn left at the signs for Haraldshaugen
Beside the monuments
By bus
Local bus from Haugesund
Distance from Stavanger: 70 km
Distance from Haugesund: 2 km

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Krosshaug monument to Harald's son, Erik Bloodaxe
Krosshaug is mounted into solid rock, not a tomb or barrow Travel time from Stavanger:
2 hours by car
Duration of the visit:
half an hour or more
Carpark.  Camp site close by.
Kids verdict:
running up and down the steps is Ok, otherwise ...
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