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Kristiansand Dyreparken

Kristiansand Dyreparken started as a zoo - and it is a very good zoo, but much more - it is a theme park and is the biggest tourist attraction in the whole of the south coast region, which is known as Sorlandet.
Situated 12 km east of Kristiansand, close to the E18 road, this is hugely popular with families, for children up to about the age of 11.

beware the cannon from Captain Sabeltann's ship
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paddle boats to borrow Just visiting the zoo sections of the park could take most of a day, but there are also fairgrounds; rides such as toboggans, and log flumes; paddle boats, swimming pools, bouncy castles, haunted houses; Captain Sabeltann's ship and trips around the lake, and many other things to do.
For four weeks (around July) there is an evening show - booked up months ahead - featuring the latest adventures of Captain Sabeltann (Sabretooth) the white-faced, black-haired pirate.
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By car:
Drive east from Kristiansand on the E 18 road. After about 12 km is a junction for Dyreparken and other attractions, including a shopping centre.
Large car parks outside the park
By bus

Distance from Stavanger: 250 km
Distance from Kristiansand: 12 km

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leave your stomach behind on the log flume ride
the outside leisure pool Travel time from Stavanger:
5 hours by car
Duration of the visit:
1 or 2 days
Carparks, restaurants, playgrounds, attractions, zoo
Kids verdict:
We love it - so much to do, so little time ...
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there are many fairground rides
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