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Lundsneset coastal walk

Lundsneset is the north-eastern corner of the island of Hundvåg - a quiet coastal path with views across the islands and mountains of Ryfylke - just 4 kilometers away over the bridge from central Stavanger. Good for bikes and prams, with seats and picnic benches along the route.

good bike ride with places to look around
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gravel tracks and farm tracks This is another all-weather path, usable all year, with good views and varied scenery which is popular with locals as well as "foreigners" from across the bridge. There are seats and picnic benches along the way. The going is fairly easy, so even fairly small children can manage to ride their bikes.
At the south eastern end is Lundsvågen, which is open on Sundays in the summer.
Map reference:
Kartblad 1213III Rennesoy, 134 453 to 128 458
or Rogaland county map
By car:
Drive over the bridge from Stavanger to Hundvag. At the shops and roundabout (Hundvaagkrossen) turn right and follow the Hundvåg ring until signs to Lundsvågen. Small car park on the left just before Lundsvagen
small car parks at each end of the walk
By bus
Local bus 38 from Stavanger Sentrum
Distance from Stavanger: 4 km

Helicopter flightseeing
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lots of boats going by and mountains in the distance
part open country and part wooded Travel time from Stavanger:
10 minutes by car
Duration of the visit:
1-2 hours
Kids verdict:
good cycle ride, some hide-and-seek areas
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