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Nature park beside beautiful small lake for bathing in unspoilt rolling countryside with 4km walking or cycling trail around. Scramble up the hills on the northernside for good views over the lake, stroll through the wooded areas or relax on the beachy south side.
This is between Ålgård and Bryne in the Jaeren area, south of Stavanger and Sandnes Norway

approaching the woodland area
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the track on the south side This area with its various woodlands was developed on previously barren wet marshland between 1932 and 1935 by two nursery owners in Stavanger with a dream. The property was signed over to Jaeren Open Air Trust in 1980 and 1991 to preserve and develop as a nature park.

To the east and north sides of the lake, the trail is more exposed, undulating and rather soft sand in places, which makes the going a little tough. On the contrary, the trail on the south side is more sheltered through woodland, flatter and easier going.
Hike up Melsknuten on the northern side of the lake for fantastic views over South Jaeren.
Map reference:
Rogaland Fylkeskart (scale1: 200 000) 141 136
By car:
Drive south from Stavanger on E39 to Algard, then 506 to Bryne. The lake is on rightandside after approx 7km. Parking:
Two or three parking areas beside the lake.
Distance from Stavanger: 35 km

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Looking over to the more exposed northside of the lake
view over the lake from the north side Travel time from Stavanger:
40 minutes
Duration of the visit:
1 hour to half a day
Car parks
Kids verdict:
Great for cycling and paddling. On northernside of lake away from road, good hillsides for scrambling up.
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