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Sightseeing Trips in Mountains in Agder and Rogaland (West)

including Sirdal, Setesdal (Byglandsfjord and Hovden), Sauda and Roldal, in the counties (or fylker) of Rogaland, Vest Agder and Aust Agder.
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Helicopter sightseeing from Stavanger
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Pulpit Rock Pulpit Rock and Lysefjord STAVANGER
(day trips from Stavanger)
50 km more than 1 day hike to Pulpit Rock OR Lysefjord boat

Lysefjord by boat Lysefjord by boat STAVANGER
0 km up to a full day Tourist boat or car ferry in Lysefjord

Lysefjord boat trip and back via Sirdal Lysefjord boat and car back via Sirdal STAVANGER
(Stavanger Lysebotn and back)
0 km up to a full day Boat trip + scenic drive with options

Gloppedal moraine Gloppedal moraine Agder-Rogaland
(Byrkjedal, Algard)
55 km up to half a day massive boulders of terminal morraine

Lysebotn road Lysebotn road to Aadneram in Sirdal Agder-Rogaland
(Lysefjord to Sirdal)
130 km up to half a day summer-only road through mountains

Sirdal Mountain museum Sirdal Fjellmuseum Agder-Rogaland
(Kvaeven Sirdal)
110 km up to half a day museum and preserved buildings

Eagles Nest Oygardsstol above Lysebotn Agder-Rogaland
150 km up to half a day restaurant with views over Lysebotn

Lysebotn ferry Lysebotn in Lysefjord Agder-Rogaland
150 km up to half a day small town / ferry port in the mountains

Hunnedalen drive Hunnedalen Agder-Rogaland
(NW of Byrkjedal)
75 km up to half a day RV45 drive to Sirdal

Suleskard road Suleskard road Agder-Rogaland
(Sirdal to Setesdal)
0 km up to a full day summer road from Sirdal to Setesdal

Stavanger Sauda Hovden Sirdal car tour Stavanger Ryfylke Setesdal Sirdal around Agder-Rogaland
(island and mountain tour)
0 km more than 1 day 3 to 7 day island fjord mountain tour

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