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Sightseeing Trips in Ryfylke area

This island, fjord and mountain area just north and east of Stavanger includes Sauda, Sand, Hjelmeland and Utstein Kloster on the island of Mosteroy You might prefer to use our trips out and leisure search function, especially if you have special interests or needs.

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Utstein Kloster near Mosteroy Utstein Kloster near Mosteroy Ryfylke
23 km up to half a day preserved medieval abbey

Ryfylke is about boats Tour through Ryfylke to Sauda and beyond Ryfylke
(Stavanger to Sauda and beyond)
100 km more than 1 day Car touring through the islands to Sauda

Fjoloyfyr lighthouse Fjoloy Fyr Lighthouse by Mosteroy Ryfylke
(Vikavag, Randaberg)
26 km up to half a day Scramble around rocks at lighthouse

Fister area Fister area Ryfylke
(Hjelmeland or Judaberg)
45 km up to half a day Scenic car tour or camping trip

Landa bronze age settlement Landa bronze age settlement Ryfylke
45 km up to half a day part-restored bronze age farm setlement

Svandalsfossen waterfall Svandalsfossen waterfall Ryfylke
155 km up to half a day Waterfall near Sauda

Hollandsfossen waterfall Høllandsfossen waterfall Ryfylke
160 km up to half a day Waterfalls in Sauda

Aabobyen museum Sauda Åbøbyen workers museum Sauda Ryfylke
165 km up to half a day museum about industrial life

Sauda to Røldal road Ryfylkeveien Sauda to Røldal Ryfylke
(Sauda to Røldal)
180 km up to a full day amazing road over the mountains

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