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Sporty outdoor activities in South of Stavanger - Jaeren, Dalene and Egersund

This area includes Egersund; the Jaeren with its farms and sandy beaches; and the Dalene area of bare rounded hills and lakes
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Helicopter sightseeing from Stavanger
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a BIG beach Borestrand South of Stavanger
30 km up to half a day Beach walks, river mouth

Froylandsvatnet Froylands Cycle Ride South of Stavanger
(Bryne, Orstad)
25 km up to half a day cycle ride on tracks/roads

forest walks Njaaskogen South of Stavanger
(Kvernaland, Bryne)
30 km up to half a day forest and lake walk or ride

Brekko ski trails Brekko ski tracks South of Stavanger
(Oltedal, Algard)
45 km up to half a day night-lit ski loops

moorland hiking Madland hiking South of Stavanger
(Oltedal, Algard)
45 km up to a full day moorland hiking in the mountains

Giljastolen to Frafjord road Giljastolen to Frafjord old road Agder-Rogaland
(Gilja, Frafjord, Algard)
50 km up to half a day walk or bike ride down old road

snow-dressed trees at Giljastolen Giljastolen skiing Agder-Rogaland
(Gilje Algard)
55 km up to a full day cross country skiing area

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