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MaiJazz Stavanger International Jazz Festival

MaiJazz was the first festival in Stavanger Norway - going back to 1989. It attracts top international performers - including Pat Metheny group, Jan Garbarek group, Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock in recent years.
MaiJazz is arranged by Stavanger JazzForum, which arranges Jazz events throughout the year.

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The venues are many and varied, including central Stavanger stage venues like Folken, Stavangeren and Stavanger Konserthus; bars and restaurants like Sting and Hall Toll; and places further away like Sandnes Kulturhus, Hå Gamle Prestegaard and Tungenes lighthouse.
The artists are a mix of local Norwegian and international.

When: Wednesday - Sunday 4 - 9 May 2010
Where: venues in and around Stavanger

Stavanger Jazzforum  also arranges a TradJazzWeekend on the third weekend of January.

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Sandnes Kulturhus and guest harbour
Stavanger konserthus in Bjergsted park, just north of Stavanger centre

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Tungenes lighthouse, about 10 km north of Stavanger
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