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Stavanger Vinfest - wine party

2006 will be the seventh Stavanger Vinfest - or Wine party. It is a celebration of good wine, and the food that complements it so well, with 12 of the best restaurants in Stavanger taking part.
This is not about wine snobbery however, but about enjoyment and good fun. This year Sjøhuset Skagen will host a comedian on the subject of wine, and in 2002 the Valberg tower was dressed up as a wine box.

the Valberg wine box
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Sjohuset Skagen is one of the restaurants taking part This is not a festival as such - the events take place within the restaurants and bars that are taking part.
A number of producers from around the world will be in town to talk about their wine, and you will be able to sample for yourself - with glasses as small as 5 cl available, so that you can try different wines without getting lost on the way home.
When: 27 March - 1 April 2006
Where: restaurants in central Stavanger
Website: (norsk)
From the original fest in 1999, with Craigs Kjøkken, Jans Mat + Vinhus, and N.B. Sørensens, there are now different events at many places around town.
Tango will have wine-tasting in the bar, plus meals to complement the wine, from German, French and Spanish producers for 2 nights each.
Bevaremegvel will have wine-tasting in the bar, Tapas from Wednesday to Saturday and a dinner on Wednesday downstairs in Vannari with an Alsace producer.
Craigs will host dinner on Monday with a cheese producer from Pau (France), and a food writer on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday will be open house - and street - with oysters, roast pig and much in between, with the chance to buy any wine by the glass. Friday and Saturday is a splendid 7 course feast at 2250 kroner per person - and Saturday is already full!
Sjøhuset Skagen host a Chilean producer (from Bergen!) plus stand-up comedian on Friday and Saturday.

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Valberg tower as a ine box, with Sorensens restaurant beneath
Bevaremegvel is one of the Herlige Stavanger restaurants taking part Sørensens has wine-tasting in the bar, 4 course dinner downstairs or dinner with wine for 1000 kr upstairs, with German and Italian producers, and a guest from Oslo on 2 nights each.
Stim has 3 course fish dinners with wine Monday - Tuesday, wine-tasting courses Wednesday - Thursday and 5 course fish dinners with wine Friday - Saturday.
Jans will feature French style Monday - Wednesday, and Italian style Thursday to Saturday.
Timbuktu will have 3 or 5 courses with wine - New Zealand on Wednesday and Thursday; French champagne Friday and Saturday
Sting will feature a late winebar from 22.00 - 03.30 each night, plus Sushi on Wednesday and Tapas on Thursday.
Hall Toll kicks off the party 12 - 16 on Saturday 25th, then wine tasting each evening plus various special dinners.

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Craigs is one of the original 3 restaurants that set up the event
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