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Tall Ships Race Bergen Norway 2008

In 2008 the Tall Ships Race will come to Måløy and Bergen in Norway - staying in Bergen 9 - 12 August 2008.
This is a great spectacle in any port, but a setting like Bergen makes it really special.
There is a race stage from Liverpool to Måløy, and another race stage leaving Bergen, to Den Helder in northern Holland.

busy harbours around Bergen
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2 tall ships in Stavanger 2004 Bergen is the second city of Norway, and a proud and unique town on the west coast of Norway. It was founded in 1066 and was part of the german Hanseatic league from the 14th to 18th centruries. The bryggen harbour area is on the UNESCO World Heritage list
When: 9 - 12 August 2008
Where: the harbours of central Bergen
Website:Sail Training International
Måløy is a small fishing port between Bergen and Aalesund, by the mouth of Nordfjord.
Although it is on an island, there is a bridge across to the mainland, and as so often, it is not obvious when you are on an island or the mainland.
Distance from Stavanger: 170 km

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sunset during Tall Ships race 2004 in Stavanger The Tall Ships Races for 2008 begin in Liverpool England - the (EU) European Capital of Culture for 2008, leaving on 21 July.
Bergen was one of a number of Capitals of Culture in 2000. Stavanger will be the (non-EU) European Capital of Culture in 2008, but it will not be an "Open Port" to tall ships - they will sail straight past on their way to Den Helder.
Kids Verdict: This should be fun to watch for a while - especially getting on board some of the ships. Hopefully there will be other activities - like letting them make their own wooden tall ships, as in 2004 Tall Ships Race in Stavanger (from which some of the pictures come).

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