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Transport systems in the mountains and skiing areas of Agder and Rogaland (West)

Mountains bring dramatic scenery and good snow in the winter, but also make for difficult transport. Some roads are closed in the winter, all roads can be slow and winding, needing a lot of work to keep them usable.

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Road system

RV 9 runs north from Kristiansand through Byglandsfjord, Valle, Bukle and Hovden to the E134 near Haukeli.
RV 45 runs mainly north east from Sandnes near Stavanger to Sinnes in Sirdal. Another section runs from RV 9 in Setesdal to Dalen in Telemark. The missing part is the Suleskard road, only open in the summer.
RV 42 runs east from the coast at Egersund to Tonstad in Sirdal, winds over the hills to Evje in Setesdal then on to the other coast at Arendal.
FV 468 runs north up Sirdal from RV 42 at Tonstad, through Sinnes and the RV 45 to Adneram.
Suleskard road runs from Adnerham in Sirdal to Setesdal, and only open in the summer.
Lysebotn road runs from Adneram to Lysebotn, at the end of Lysefjord, with ferries to Stavanger. Only open in the summer.

Car ferries

There is a car ferry between Stavanger and Lysebotn at the end of Lysefjord.  In winter it is the only way in. During the summer it is very popular with tourists, with views of Pulpit rock and Kjerag along the way. You may need to book ahead.

Fast boats

There are several fast boat services between Stavanger and Lysebotn at the end of Lysefjord.  Most are for tourists and give views of Pulpit rock and Kjerag along the way. There is also a lovely old slow boat at Byglandsfjord in Setesdal


There are no railway services in this area.

Bus and coach services

There are bus and coach services within Sirdal and Setesdal, and also to the west coast towns, south to Kristiansand and east into Telemark and towards Oslo.


There are no airports within this area. Choices are:
Stavanger airport to the west
Haugesund airport to the west
Kristiansand to the south
Sandefjord (Torp) airport to the south east
Oslo airport to the north east
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