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Transport sytems

Here you can find links to information about transport within the region - the trains, local ferries, fast boats, bus routes and the road system.

If you want to find out about ways to arrive in south west Norway from outside the region - by air or ferry - then see the arrival page.

You may need to hire a car on arrival in Norway - especially now that there are no ferry services to England or Scotland.

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Road system

The road network has to deal with a lot of interference from fjords and mountains, but does it's best, with new tunnels and bridges being built all the time.

Ferry and fast boat services:

There are many ferry and fast boat services in the area - car ferries and various types of fast boat for foot passengers.

Train services:

Rail services run close to the coast from Stavanger down to Kristiansand and then up to Oslo.  There is also a route through the mountains from Bergen across to Oslo - including the famous Flåm railway branch line.

Bus and Coach services

There is a good network of bus and coach services.  The buses serve the towns and surrounding areas, with longer-distance coaches running between the towns, along the coast and inland.


There are several airports in the region:
Stavanger (Sola) - SVG
Bergen (Flesland) - BGO
Kristiansand S (Kjevik) - KRS
Haugesund (Karmoy) - HAU
Sandefjord (Torp) - TRF
There are also some smaller airports with limited services:
Stord - SRP
Fagernes - VDB (for Hemsedal etc)
The main airport and regional hub for Norway is: Oslo Gardermoen - OSL (to the east)

Links to the transport system in each part of the area:


North of Stavanger
    HAUGESUND + Stord
    Hardanger area
    Ryfylke area


South of Stavanger

South coast (Sorlandet)
    Sorlandet West
    Sorlandet East

Mountains + skiing
    Agder + Rogaland (West)
    Telemark (East)
    Hordaland (NorthWest)
    Buskerud (NorthEast)
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