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Transport systems in the mountains and skiing areas of Hordaland (North West)

including Voss, Roldal, Hardangerfjord, Hardangervidda, Stalheim and the approaches to Flam in the county (or fylke) of Hordaland.

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Road system

E39 passes through Bergen to the west on its way north from Kristiansand and Stavanger to Trondheim.
E16 goes north east from Bergen to Voss, Stalheim and Flam (into Sogn and Fjordane county) before turning south east towards Oslo.
RV 13 is a very scenic road which comes north from Sandnes near Stavanger through the Ryfylke, Roldal then Odda and Hardanger to Voss, before continuing north to Sognefjord and beyond.
RV 7 starts in Bergen, going east across Hardangerfjord, Eidfjord then between Hardangervidda and HardangerJokulen to Geilo in Buskerud county - often closed in winter.

Car ferries

There are car ferry services in Hardanger to the south and Sognefjord to the north.

Fast boats

There are fast boat services in Hardanger to the south and Sognefjord to the north.


The Bergen - Voss - (Flam) - Geilo - Gol - Nesbyen - Oslo line is a tribute to engineering and perseverence. It is also a good way to access some of the mountain areas, especially in winter.

Bus and coach services

Buses and longer-distance coach services link within and beyond the area


There are no airports within this area, with Bergen (Flesland) airport being the nearest, to the west.

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