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Local ferries and fast boats

Although there are one or two ferries in the south of Norway, it is when you reach the Stavanger area that you realise just how important the sea - and transport over (or under) the sea is here.
Without the many car ferries and various types of fast boat, people would not be able to travel and commute around the Ryfylke or the Hardanger and Bergen areas to the north.
Bridges and tunnels are slowly replacing the car ferries, but there are still many of them here - waiting to take you across.

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Car ferries in the Stavanger - Ryfylke area:

the new Stavanger to Tau ferry leaving StavangerThere is a network of car ferries that makes possible the links between roads either side of Boknfjord and the Ryfylke.  If you're heading north or east from Stavanger you will need at least one ferry.  Some ferries mainly serve the islands of the Ryfylke and the people who live there, but it is worth island-hopping to get a feel for the way of life here.
Fjord1 operates the Mortavika - Årsvågen service on the E 39, TIDE operates services by Sand and Hjelmeland and Stavangerske operate the other ferries

Fast boats in the Stavanger - Ryfylke area:

the new ferry and fastboat terminal in StavangerLocal fast boats - either conventional or catamaran (twin hull) - criss-cross the fjords in the region, allowing many people to commute to work or school.
Most of these are operated through Kolumbus

Flaggruten - the Stavanger to Bergen fast boat

Flaggruten approaching the Stavanger terminalThe Bergen - Stord - Haugesund - Stavanger fast boat service is known as Flaggruten - the Flagship route.  These powerful double-deck catermarans stop at a few places along the way, including Haugesund and Stord. Unfortunately, the service was stopped at new year 2014

Ferries in the Hardanger and Bergen regions:

Most of these services are operated by TIDE (formerly HSD)

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