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Transport systems in Stavanger area

This area includes the cities of Stavanger and Sandnes, plus Sola, Randaberg and the coastal and rural areas between.It sits on a peninsular called North Jaeren.

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Road system

The E39 is the main road coming north from Kristiansand through Sandnes and Stavanger, before taking the deep under-sea tunnels across to Mosteroy and Rennesoy, on the way by ferry towards Bergen and beyond.
There is a road-toll system in operation in this area.

Car ferries

There are four main car ferries that link the north Jaeren peninsular to the north and east.  The international ferry to Newcastle, England has about three sailings a week in each direction, throughout the year.

Fast boats

There are many fast boats starting from the terminal near the centre of Stavanger.  These include services to Bergen, Haugesund, Sauda, Sand, Finnoy and many other islands and small towns in the Ryfylke region


There are local trains stopping at many places between Stavanger, Sandnes and on down to Egersund.There are also faster trains stopping in Sandnes that run between Stavanger and Kristiansand, then on to Oslo.

Bus and coach services

Kolumbus runs the local bus services, with many routes running from the central bus station and other places around the centre. Long-distance coaches link the towns along the coast and inland to Sirdal and beyond. Airport buses run from the bus station and several central hotels out to the airport at Sola.


Stavanger airport is at Sola, on the west side of the peninsular, about 20 minutes from central Stavanger.
Haugesund (Karmoy) airport is 1 - 2 hours away by bus (and ferry) or fast boat and bus. It is on the island of Karmoy to the north.
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