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RSS feeds

A web feed, also called RSS or Atom, is a way for you to get content sent to you as an alternative to email.
We now offer several RSS feeds, so that you can find out what is new on the site as soon as it happens:

Sitefeed has items about each major part of the site and will be updated only when new sections are added, or major changes are made to existing sections;
Newsfeed carries the latest news stories - about changes to flight and ferry routes, hotels and ski resorts, or reviews of festivals, or our thoughts on major events like Stavanger 2008 for example;
Newsletter will feature the latest newsletter.


Site feed

alerts you to any major changes to the site.
rss feedrss feed Click here for the site feed, or on the icons.

News feed

shows you the latest 10 news stories from the site.
rss feedrss feed Click here for the news feed, or on one of the icons.
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Newsletter feed

shows the latest newsletter, which may feature information about what is going on in the region and perhaps our opinion on it.
rss feedrss feed Click here for the newsletter feed, or on one of the icons.
Click here for an HTML version of the newsletter
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