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Norwegian specialities

There are lots of unique Norwegian specialities awaiting you - foods, clothes, ornaments, art, and outdoor equipment are just a few examples.

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There's sheep in them hills - and lots of places to stock up on wool.


This is Norway's national dress - with distictive designs and colours depending on which area or valley you come from.


Sandnes, Figgjo and Egersund are the places that are - or were important pottery centres. There are many specialist galleries in the area.

Wooden souvenirs

All types of tool or ornament.

Salmon and other fish

In the fish markets and shops you will find farmed or wild salmon, plus many other traditional favourites (cod, halibut, etc) and an increasing range of more unusual fish.


local boats catch and cook the prawns - you can even buy them off the boats in some places. Crabs are also popular, with mussels and lobster being other examples.


Try the goats cheeses, or one of the "brunost" brown cheeses - thinly sliced on crispbread.

Woollen clothing

Norwegian wool sweaters are world famous - and rightly so.


Lots of designs, lots of shops - children can even dip their own.


This is painting on wood - either decorative items, or trunks and storage boxes.  A good old tradition.


Love them or hate them, they stand inside and outside quite a few shops.

Outdoor equipment and clothing

You can get some very good outdoor equipment here - and at a surprisingly good price.  Check first, but child-carrying back-packs and skis are examples.


The region supplies good lamb around Europe.  Fenalar is a dried lamb-leg christmas speciality.

Sardine canning

This made Stavanger great between 1880 and 1920.  The last local factory closed recently, but children can still try canning their own at the museum on special days.

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