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Skiing near Sandefjord Norway

Sandefjord has some good flight options - including many Ryanair flights. Local ski resorts are small, but there are many places to go cross-country skiing close by.
For major resorts you need to travel further

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Getting here:

Many people book for Sandefjord Torp airport because Ryanair has cheap flights and they call it "Oslo" - it is not. But don't worry - there are coaches to take you to lots of good places.
There is also a ferry terminal in Sandefjord


This skisenter in Telemark is about 2 hours west from Sandefjord


This ski centre near Rjukan in Telemark is about 150 km away.


This ski area has 3 separate skisenters and hotels plus apartments and hyttes. It is about 185 km away, close to the Hardangervidda.

Oslo and beyond:

It is a 2 hour, 120km coach ride to Oslo, then there are many ski resorts further north and west, like Lillehammer, Hemsedal and Geilo

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