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Skiing - winter sports and activities in south west Norway

Norway is the home of some types of skiing, and there are plenty of opportunities here. There are many downhill, or alpine skiing resorts, many of which are expanding and improving their facilities. In addition to conventional skiers, you will see many snowboarders, quite a few telemark skiers - like the one on the right - and many children. Norway skiing is family-friendly.

south norway ski resorts airports and ferry ports

Skiing near Stavanger

Sirdal, Sauda and Røldal are the closest alpine ski areas to Stavanger and Sandnes - all with bus or boat services to get there. Hovden and Hemsedal are also popular destinations.

Skiing near Haugesund

Sauda and Røldal are closest, and both have skibuss services from Karmøy and Haugesund.

Skiing near Bergen

Voss is the closest ski resort to Bergen, with Geilo further away. You can get to both on the train.

Skiing near Kristiansand

Go north on RV9 to Hovden (passing Byglandsfjord along the way). Sirdal and Telemark are other popular destinations

Skiing near Oslo

Go west to Hemsedal or Geilo, south west to Telemark, or north to Lillehammer and many other skisenters.

Skiing near Sandefjord

From Torp airport, head west into Telemark, or north and west for ski resorts like Hemsedal.

Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing - also called nordic, or langlauf - is very popular here, with many kilometers of prepared tracks of various difficulty, and quite a few tracks lit up in the evenings. Expect to see Norwegian families out on skis - including the baby, in a special covered sledge called a pulk, pulled along by one of the parents.
There are places to go nordic skiing all across south west Norway, not just up in the mountains but also in or close to the cities - although not everywhere will have useful snow for the whole winter.
Whether it is for a short day tour on a prepared loop, or a trek from hut to hut across the Hardangervidda - or the many other upland areas - there are plenty of choices.
cross-country skiing around Sauda
Hovden "Noose" loop
Hovden langrennsarena
Furuasen loops in Sirdal
Giljestolen SE of Stavanger
Brekko SE of Stavanger
telemark turn - at Aalsheia April 2007


Aalsheia Alpint
Tjørhomfjellet - Sirdal Alpint
Sirdal is the area closest to Stavanger - under 2 hours by car or bus - with 4 skisenters that are growing fast. The two biggest are now linked together by new lifts and slopes at weekends and share a single lift pass system to make a large ski centre.
Hotel accommodation is very limited but more hyttes (cabins or cottages) being built all the time, and there are plans for more hotels. Stay the weekend in Stavanger and take the ski bus
Ski rental
options include Tjørhomfjellet and Ålsheia
Ski school
Sirdal Ski & Brett Skole gives lessons at all the skisenters in Sirdal.


Sauda is about 3 hours from Stavanger by boat and bus - 2 hours from Haugesund. 3 hotels and some hyttes, but accommodation is limited - so you can also stay in Stavanger and take the skibåt service at weekends.


Røldal is the other skisenter with skiboat and skibuss services from Stavanger, and also other places including Haugesund and Bergen-Odda (Hardanger).


At the top end of Setesdal, Hovden has several hotels and many apartments and hyttes.


On the main Oslo - Bergen railway line in Hallingdal, Geilo is a popular and long-established resort with many hotels, apartments and hyttes


Sometimes called the scandinavian alps, Hemsedal is big, has good facilities and a big vertical drop


Voss resort is the original ski centre right beside the town of Voss
Voss Fjellandsby - Myrkdalen is a new growing skisenter 30 km north of voss.


Rauland is the biggest ski area in Telemark with 3 skisenters and a large cross-country ski network.
In Telemark there is also Lifjell, Gaustablikk near Rjukan and others


This vast nearly inaccessible plateau sits across parts of Buskerud Hordaland Agder and Telemark. Much loved by kite skiers and cross-country skiers with packs and snow-shovels on their backs (so that they can dig a hole and hide from bad weather)

Other winter sports and activities

Ice skating - either on indoor or outside rinks, or on the lakes when it is safe to do so.
Kite skiing - especially near Haugastol on Hardangervidda
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