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Ice skating at Little Stokka Lake

When the message goes out that the lakes are safe for skating, hundreds or thousands of people - young and old - head out there with skates, sledges, hockey sticks, hot drinks, hot dogs and big smiles to make the most of it. Litle Stokka and Mosvatnet are the two main lakes used in Stavanger.
NEVER go on the ice at a lake unless it has been declared safe by the authorities - accidents do happen, unfortunately.

lots of people having fun on the ice
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start by pushing a box around It doesn't cost much to buy ice skates here, and if you're here when the lakes are frozen and declared safe then you must come down to the lakes, even if you don't skate yourself, just to see, and be part of, the fun and games.
This does not happen very often - certainly not every winter - but if you're here when it does happen, make the most of it!
You will see all ranges of ability, from those who can't stand up on skates to competition-standard ice dancers and hockey players.
Some family groups will have barbeques and picnics by the side of the lake.
Map reference:
Kartblad 1212IV Stavanger, 3097 65416
By car:
Litle Stokka lake is just west of the E 39 road as it heads north out of Stavanger.
Park at either end of the lake, or along the roads, where it is wide enough not to block traffic.
By bus
Distance from Stavanger: 3 km

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look for the ice-sledges
towing friends around on sledges Travel time from Stavanger:
10 minutes by car
Duration of the visit:
an hour or two, or longer with hot food and drink, and good clothes
Kids verdict:
Brilliant!! Why doesn't it happen more often?
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