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Cross-country skiing near Sauda

There are lots of cross-country skiing (or langlauf) options near Sauda - from Svandalen (near the alpine ski area) and Lyngmyr ski-shooting loops to the south west, to Breiborg 20 km to the north east, deep in the mountains.

perfect weather at Maldal to the south
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skiing near the apine skiing area at Svandalen Svandalen has a network of tracks starting from the alpine ski centre and going up and over the surrounding mountains.
Lyngmyr is a ski track and ski-shooting centre, on the way up to Svandalen.
Nordstøldalen is a valley going north-west from Saudasjøen.
Maldal is an area about 10 km south of Sauda on the east side of the fjord.
Åbødalen is a valley just north of Sauda.
Austerheimsdalen and the larger Herheimsdalen are two valleys running north, a few km to the east of Sauda.
Slettedalen is a valley running north from Hetlands Bygda, about 15 km eastwards along FV 520
Breiborg is a further 5 km east along FV 520, to where the road is closed over the winter.
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By car:
Drive north from Stavanger on the E 39, then east on the E 134 to Ølen, then right onto the RV 46 to Ropeid, for Sand and Sauda. Take the FV 520 north to Sauda at Ropeid. After that, your route depends on which skiing area you will go to.

Distance from Stavanger: 160 km
Distance from Sauda: 5-20 km

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cold blue day at Nordstøldalen to the west
in the lead at Slettedalen Travel time from Stavanger:
3 hours by car
Duration of the visit:
one day or more

Kids verdict:
We love cross-country skiing - although sometimes we need special fuel to get up the hills.
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