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Høllandsfossen waterfall in Sauda

Hollands waterfall is in the town of Sauda, in the northern part of Rogaland county, in the Ryfylke area of south west Norway.
The Sauda area has many waterfalls - and electricity from water is a main resource for the area.

Høllandsfossen from the south
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Høllandsfossen The waterfalls are beside the road which goes from the centre of Sauda up to Åbødalen. An old bridge at the bottom end of the falls forms a perfect picture frame for the falls.
To get a good photo, you need to get down near the river below the falls - and there are some steps over the wall to help you down.
It is just a few minutes walk from here to the Åbøbyen workers house museum - Åbøbyen is just the other side of the river.
Map reference:
Rogaland Fylkeskart (scale 1:200 000): 3512 66163
By car:
From the centre of Sauda, drive north towards Åbødalen, not following RV 520 over the bridge towards Røldal. You will see a school, then the river on the right. Park just before the new bridge over the falls to the right.
Beside the road at the waterfalls

Distance from Stavanger: 170 km
Distance from Sauda: 1 km

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looking down from the new bridge
bridge and waterfalls Travel time from Stavanger:
about 3 hours by car
Duration of the visit:
a few minutes

Kids verdict:
Not very interesting
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