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Viste Beach to Hafrsfjord Bridge

This 4km beautiful coastal trail is part of the North Sea Cycle route and ideal for walking or cycling. It runs through some lovely unspoilt scenery, with an abundance of wild flowers and wild sea views. The trail passes very close to the Alexander Kjelland memorial to the people who lost their lives in the oil platform tragedy.

unspoilt coastline
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the path to the monument The trail is rather steep in places. Starting at Viste Beach the path goes southwards past a marina mainly for leisure boats, through some housing  and then back to the coast. The Alexander Kjelland memorial is a big links sculpture on the cliffs beside the trail. A nice place to stop and enjoy the sea views and breezes.
The trails ends just before Hafrsfjord Bridge but another trail to Revheim begins on the other side of the bridge.
Map reference:
Kartblad 1212IV Stavanger, 051 433 to 051 405
By car:
Drive north from Stavanger on the E39 and follow signs for Randaberg then Viste Strand (Beach)
or Drive west from Stavanger on the 509 and turn right at small roundabout, beside Kiwi supermarket, just before Hafrsfjord Bridge and park
or continue beyond supermarket about 1.5km, turn left signposted to the memorial.

Beside Viste Strand Hotel
or Near supermarket near Hafrsfjord Bridge
or Near the Alexander Kjelland memorial
By bus:

Local bus from Stavanger Sentrum to to Viste Hageby then short walk to Viste Beach.
Distance from Stavanger: 11km to Viste Beach, 8.5km to Hafrsfjord Bridge, 10km to Alexander Kjelland memorial

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the monument Travel time from Stavanger:
15 minutes by car
25 minutes by bus to Viste Hageby (near Viste Beach)
Duration of the visit:
2 hours or more
Carparks - Viste Beach, Alexander Kjelland Memorial.
Toilets at Viste Beach (summer only).
Picnic tables, football pitch and large grassy area at Viste Beach.
Supermarket at Hafrsfjord Bridge.
Kids verdict:
Difficult bike ride for kids under five. Lots to do at Viste Beach at the start of the trip. Fun to scramble on rocks and play in rock pools near the memorial.
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