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The Fjords

Fjords are one of the things that Norway is famous for, and they have to be seen to be really appreciated. Rain or shine, this is an experience to remember. You can take boats or ferries along them, drive by them, or walk above them.
We have lots of hotels for you to stay in along the way.

looking down Lysefjord towards Lysebotn
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clouds in the fjord
Varying in size, depth, length and steepness of sides, there is no shortage of Fjords here, with some being very impressive.

Lysefjord, with Pulpit Rock (also known as Preikestolen) and Kjerag - famous for parachute base-jumping and the huge suspended stone to stand on (Kjeragbolten) - is the most famous and most visited in the area.

Hardanger has impressive fjords, plus the unusual combination of fruit orchards and a glacier! Take a drive through Sorfjord, or take to road up onto Hardangervidda.

There are some longer and higher fjords further up the coast of Norway, but the long days of driving each way can make it hard to justify the longer journey, during a typical summer vacation.

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pulpit rock with Lysefjord below
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