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Pulpit Rock - Preikestolen - above Lysefjord

Pulpit Rock is a flat plateau jutting out above Lysefjord with 604m vertical drop to the fjord below. It is a famous and spectacular landmark of the Ryfylke and visitors have been coming for years to hike up and onto the rock - it is a very popular daytrip from Stavanger with its hotels and restaurants. The views are truly spectacular. It is also known as Preikestolen, or Prekestolen.
You can also take boat trips from Stavanger, through Lysefjord. Read our explanation of the options for seeing Pulpit Rock - with bus and ferry info
Short of time or strong legs? - you can also go helicopter flightseeing.

Pulpit Rock from above
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Pulpit rock with Lysefjord below The walk to Pulpit Rock (detailed description here) is an undulating 5 km (each way) hike along a well marked path. There are five stages to the walk; it starts with a steep climb up from the carpark, then a long section of more undulating terrain, then another climb, a gentle sloping plateau beside a couple of lakes and finally a spectacular walk along the edge of Lysefjord to the rock itself. With stops this can easily take 5 or 6 hours.   Ferry and bus details here
Climb to the top of the mountain behind the rock and look down onto it - even more awesome!
On the way back you have views all the way across to Stavanger and the rest of the peninsular. Nice to relax and watch the sun set.
If you love our vertigo views, try Kjerag and Skomakarnibbå
Map reference:
Rogaland Fylkeskart (scale 1: 200 000): 3355 65425
By car:
Drive south from Stavanger down the E39 to Sandnes, take the RV13 to Lauvik, ferry from Lauvik to Oanes (approx 10 minute crossing), continue on the RV13 for about 12km and turn right in Jossang, signposted to Preikestolen, about 5km.
To return: Drive back 5km to Jossang, but turn right and take the RV13 to Tau for the Tau to Stavanger ferry (approx 30 minute crossing) for a complete roundtrip.
At start of walk
Distance from Stavanger: 55km via Sandnes; 30km via Tau

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fantastic view - no guard rails
the view from the boats on Lysefjord below Travel time from Stavanger:
1-2 hours
Duration of the visit:
Full day
Car park (60 kroner) Toilets and gift shop
Kids verdict:
Very long but exciting. TAKE CARE on the rock itself.
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