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Lakes and Hills

The lake and hill area, south of Jaeren around Egersund and Dalene, is beautiful. It is also very unusual. The hills have a rounded, lumpy appearance and are very barren. The lakes are everywhere - scattered and hidden amongst the round lumpy hills.

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canoeing and kayaking are popular
The rare mountain rock type found here, anorthosite, weathers badly so there is little soil and vegetation on some hilltops. The landscape is in complete contrast to the flat cultivated plains of Jaeren and the change as you pass from one area to the next is sudden.

Parts of the area are very pretty to drive or hike through and the lakes are lovely for canoeing - ideal for a day trip, weekend away, or longer.

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Take a trip over the hills on the old post road from Hegrestad to Holland Bru.
The largest rocking stone in Europe (at 70 tons) is called Ruggesteinen, near Hauge i Dalene, with a walk further on to the mines of Blafjell Gruver.
Jossingfjord and Sogndalsstrand are also close to Hauge.

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