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Landet Innenfor - The Land Within - Stavanger 2008 exhibit

"Landet Innenfor" is a FREE sculpture exhibit designed by Birthe Marie Løveid and created in partnership with Corus Packaging Plus (a manufacturer of packaging steel in Bergen) as part of Bergen being European Capital of Culture in 2000.
It has also been exhibited in Amsterdam, and at the Henie-Onstad centre at Høvik near Oslo, before arriving in Stavanger for at least part of 2008

The Land Within - the bridge of broken dreams
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The Land Within - kaleidoscope This exhibit is a 5 metre cube, lined in stainless steel. Go in through a door to a black room, with a forest of mirrored pillars. Take your time, find your way through, with your heartbeat reverberating through the walls. Find the stairs, to the star-lit bridge of broken dreams, kaleidoscope and wishing well - you seem to have grown. As you flow down the steps (don't trip over now!) turn around at the door at the bottom to admire the colourful Lily gate.
"The Land Within" is in a side room at Tou Scene - in the old Tou brewery building, about 1 km east of central Stavanger, beyond the bridge to Hundvåg. Walk in 15 minutes along Pedersgata, Ryfylkegata and Kvitsøygata, or drive along past the fast boat and Tau ferry terminal, along Haugesundsgata, turn left on Kvitsøygata just as you reach the large pale green Johannes learning centre on the right. Go through the archway (shown below) - the door is then on your left.
The cafe bar at Tou Scene is open the same hours (or longer) as the exhibit.
When : 19 January - 31 July 2008 (with possible extension). Open Monday - Wednesday 12.00 - 15.00 Thursday - Sunday 12.00 - 18.00 FREE admission
Where : Tou Scene, a 15 minute walk east of central Stavanger
Website :
Distance from Stavanger: 1km

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The Land Within - Lily gate
Tou Scene - go through the archway and door on the left In 2008 the Stavanger region is the (non-EU) European Capital of Culture, with many events, seminars and festivals throughout the year - see our guide to Stavanger 2008 events
Kids Verdict: Great fun to explore - after possible initial fright for younger children. Combine with a walk or cycle ride around Ramsvik and Godalen Adults may try to stop you from seeing how fast you can loop around!

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The Land Within - wishing well
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