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Skiing for beginners too at Ålsheia

23 March 2010
Ålsheia Alpint skisenter in Sirdal near Stavanger has been known for 30 years as a great place for intermediate and advanced skiers - but this year it has a new "magic carpet" conveyer belt lift for the youngest beginners, close to the main cafe.

Take a trip up from the car park and relax in the sun while your youngest skier gets the idea.

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The magic carpet conveyer belt lift at Aalsheia skisenter Sirdal

Skiing for beginners

The magic carpet is at the top of the tilbringer button lift, just up the hill from the car park.
You might want to walk up the road, or take the button lift up, depending on you and your young trainee.
There is a large cafe which also has tables outside, plus picnic tables and benches between the varmestue (cafe) and the magic carpet.
Children as young as 3 or 4 are using this magic carpet conveyer belt and the slope they ski down is just steep enough to slide on without going too fast - perfect for building up the confidence of new skiers.
Note that this beginners area is away from the main slopes and the older, faster skiers zooming on their way to the next lift up. This is particularly good if you have a combination of beginners and more advanced skiers in your group

Next stages

There are some slopes down towards the car park that then use the tilbringer button lift (tallerken) back up to the cafe area, but depending on the snow conditions these are not really for beginners.
The T-bar drag lifts leading up the hill from the varmestue are fairly steep and also not ideal for beginners - most of Aalsheia is for intermediate and advanced skiers who love the steep slopes, jumps and rails here.

Snow conditions

It is true that Sirdal has not had as much snow so far this ski season as they would have liked, but the open slopes have been well-groomed and there has been fresh snow coming in the last few days.

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