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Jumps rails and off-piste powder snow at Tjørhomfjellet

9 March 2010
Tjørhomfjellet Sirdal Alpint skisenter in Sirdal near Stavanger has been working hard this season and there are lots of jumps, rails and other instruments of torture to keep you entertained on the slopes.

Although there has been less snow than normal in sirdal so far this winter - in spite of the cold - the ski conditions are good and there have been lots of opportunities to play in the snow off-piste - and there is a lot of off-piste at Tjørhomfjellet

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One of the ski jumps at Tjørhomfjellet

Off-piste powder snow

We have been having a lot of fun at Tjørhomfjellet ski resort in Sirdal this winter - especially going off-piste in the powder snow near the blue run down from the chair lift.

Normally I would stay on the piste, but sailing through powder at anything up to knee deep and jumping off small ledges has been a blast.

Jumps and rails

This season Tjørhomfjellet have set up a lot of jumps, rails and other mystifying obstacles - including a metal pole, and a partially-buried car!

These are mainly strung along the red run down from the
chairlift but there is also a small jump on the
family-friendly huldreheimen side for junior space cadets.
Huldreheimen is also where the Sirdal Ski School is based.

The chairlift and one of the rails at Tjørhomfjellet

Snow conditions

It is true that Sirdal has not had as much snow so far this ski season as they would have liked, but the open slopes have been well-groomed and there has been fresh powder snow several times in the last weeks.

The blue run down from the chairlift officially opened last Saturday, but many of us have been enjoying it before that!

Remember: Skiing off-piste is great fun, but there are obvious risks of hurting yourself. Off piste areas of ski resorts are not patrolled and you go there at your own risk, so don't go alone and make sure that others know where you are - but have fun out there!

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