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Passion 08 passion plays - Stavanger 2008 project

In the year 2000 Stavanger first hosted passion plays, and it was decided to hold them every 4 years, so in 2008 it is one of the projects of Stavanger 2008 European Capital of Culture.

Stavanger Domkirken - the cathedral
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Domkirken and the market place There are several events surrounding this project. The main Passion play in the Stavanger Domkirken - the Cathedral takes place once or twice each day (except 10th March) and costs 250 - 300 kroner.
Medieval plays take place around Breiavannet lake beside the Cathedral (Domkirken) each evening at 20.00 (except 10,11 March) - free.
Reverberation (Etterklang) is a performance outside the Domkirken each evening at 22.30 - free
On the weekend (8,9 March) you can go and see knights jousting at Kongsgård, beside the Domkirken - costs 100 - 200 kroner
At 12.00 on 8 March there will be a Jester's parade, with jugglers, fire-eaters, knights and princesses, through the (nearly) medieval cobbled streets of Stavanger.
When : from Wednesday 5th - Thursday 13th March 2008 (Easter Sunday is 23 March)
Where : Stavanger Domkirken cathedral, and surrounding areas
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The Domkirken at night
Byparken - between the cathedral and the lake In 2008 the Stavanger region is the (non-EU) European Capital of Culture, with many events, seminars and festivals throughout the year - see our guide to Stavanger 2008 events
Kids Verdict:
The Jugglers parade and the jousting should be interesting, but the stuff about Jesus suffering doesn't sound very good
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