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Stavanger 2008 part 4

5 September 2005
We believe that the Stavanger region has all the elements needed to be a much more popular tourism and leisure destination, with many hidden jewels which have few visitors today. It will be the (non-EU) European Capital of Culture in 2008, and we think this could and should be the perfect opportunity to set up the infrastructure to help visitors see the potential, and give the local people a focus and feel that they are part of the festival

Please contact us if you have questions or comments.

In the fourth of our suggestions for 2008, we would like to see regular boat access to more of the special places in the region, in addition to those in our first suggestion, which are further away. In some of these cases, it could be a matter of adding stops to existing boat services, or even just promoting existing services.

Examples of these places are:

  • Landa: regular stop-offs at Forsand that then connect with a mini-bus service to and from Landa - or allow bikes on the boat;
  • Frafjord: regular stops connecting with mini-bus service to Månafossen, and also with bikes to Giljastolen, allowing people to ride back down to Frafjord on the old (now closed) road;
  • Dirdal: with connections to Giljestolen (as above), Byrkjedal and Gloppedal;
  • Utstein Kloster and Austre Åmøy;
  • Jørpeland or Jøssang with links to Preikestolhytta and the walk to Pulpit Rock
  • Tungenes
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